Forced perspective

"Forced perspective" is what painters and filmmakers and photographers use to make things look larger or smaller to the viewer.

Funny, right? (you can click on the pic for a good explanation of forced perspective)

Less funny when your brain is doing forced perspective acrobatics on its own.

It's the end of the quarter, and I know perfectly well that I'm avoiding writing my final papers. I have not been following the wisdom available to me within this mounting anxiety - I have taken no action. (After all, I know what it is. I have the right answer, right? This is anxiety, it's caused by awareness of something noteworthy and requiring action, and I'm feeling it grow and grow as I continue to avoid it. Duh.)

I have taken no end-of-quarter action -- until this morning when I couldn't take it anymore. (Deep breath in ... exhale ... log onto the course site ...) Okay. Any new posts?

No. But here's the drop box for the final paper.

ACK! It's due Friday? TODAY is Friday! Oh no oh no oh no!! I can't write a 10 page paper and make it look good enough for this course in just one day! I haven't even started! Oh no oh no oh no!!!

(panic reaction in full swing)

Due date: Friday, 18 March 2011, 11:55 PM

Wait a second ... what's the date?


The paper is due NEXT Friday!

Thank you, Anxiety. Apparently the inner jangling, pounding, screaming, and jumping up and down that I've been ignoring has been happening in plenty of time for my attention to be brought to bear early enough for success. The girl threatening to flatten my Eiffel Tower is not quite as large as she's been pretending to be.

What's that you say? Keep a calendar? Hmmmm... interesting idea ....

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