To ponder

"Moments of clarity, attempts to focus, and questions to ponder in an intentional life"-- that's what this blog is supposed to be about. It says so - right at the top of the page. Well, I do have some questions right now. Does anyone know:

1. ... what Scandinavian women do to keep their skin from becoming all cracked and itchy all winter?
I have Nordic skin - and it's having an issue with this cold we're experiencing. I figure other very pale people might know what to do since they've lived in the cold for generations.

2. ...how cats know what part of the paper on the coffee table is the part that you're reading? That's always where the cat sits. Why is that?

3. ...if there is such a thing as a warm slipper that will not also become a sweaty slipper? I am not a fan of shoe-wearing, especially not in the house. I can't think with my feet all covered up. But I need slippers for the winter, and winter slippers are toasty warm, and toasty warm leads to slightly sweaty, and that's just gross.

That's all. I'm just wondering.

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K. L. said...

As a friend said, I used to be a good correspondent, now I suck! It was sweet of you to remember me -- I believe I've come out the other side -- well, most days -- and am busy creating new neural pathways. A year and a half ago I took a drawing class, and am now learning to paint in oils from the same wonderful teacher. I love painting and drawing! I love looking at the world in this new way. Very very theraputic! You asked awhile back about Christmas movies -- I think you'd enjoy the original "Shop Around the Corner," with James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan, from 1940, directed by Ernst Lubitsch. Set in a stationary store in Budapest in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Not really a Christmas story as such, but the characters and story are warm and delightful. Enjoy! Kit