Does anyone know

where my trifle bowl is???

I have a small house.

In my house I have too many things, but not THAT many! I'm not completely buried under! I can see inside my cupboards just fine.

And the bowl is not small. In fact, it's rather impressive.

Straight sides. Flat bottom. Beautiful, clear glass bowl. I've had the thing for more than 25 years. And THIS year I can't find it! I made the pudding and cut up the pound cake ... I'm ready to assemble my Christmas trifle.

But WHERE is my BOWL??


Di said...

Hmmm - hiding in plain sight, with pot-pourri in it? on loan to a friend or neighbour? at the bottom of the spare-room closet? packed away in the shed or barn, where you'd put it to keep it safe from renovations-in-progress? I'd be happy to lend you mine, but I don't think I could get it to you in time ;)

-Dianne, interested in all sorts of trifles

Willa said...

It's always something, isn't it? I hope you find it in the end, and I wish you and your family a merry Christmas!

Stephanie said...


And it's too big for Borrowers to take.

I used the fluted one instead, and it worked okay, but I'm not sure my trifle was a success. I used homemade raspberry liqueur, and it was very very intensely flavored, and therefore a bit rich for people. sigh ... shoulda used plain sherry, I think.

I'll experiment with it, though. I'm encouraged enough with the results I got.