Happy Birthday, Grandpa Les

This is the only Norwegian language I know. I found a kitchen tile with the words painted on it - the words feel like roots to me. Roots under the fjords, and woven into family gatherings, and passed all the way to my generation via the grace at dinner. We used to pray this together on December 23 when we got together for the extended family's "Christmas" on my Norwegian Grandpa's birthday. Happy Birthday, Grandpa. I miss you.


Marchi Wierson said...

I used to say..e yea sa naven, alvederzane...etc ; )

Stephanie said...

LOL!!!! I'm sitting here in my office, all alone, laughing my head off! What came after alvederzane? The way we play with the sounds of words around here, it could get verrry interesting at that point!

I was an adult before I looked up the spelling of all those Norwegian words. I learned the whole thing phonetically too, and my version was ... um ... likewise creative? At least yours had a real word in it!

Marchi Wierson said...

I think I also had a "ghost and goblin" in there but that is all I remember. so funny.

Last night I had a modified lutfisk for dinner. before you cry and turn away...listen...I used sole and made a purple potato pancake made from smashed potato and binders...then topped it with a yogurt sauce. The delicate fish and potato with a creamy sauce...yum...plus we had a nice arugula salad so our color combo was great too. Now was that so scary?

Stephanie said...

Scary? Oh, heck no! We eat like that all the time here, and I know what kind of culinary gorgeousness comes from the women in YOUR family! I'll be right over to get me some a' that!

"I Jesu Navn,
a ghost and goblin,
so fava knot

Marchi Wierson said...

HAHAHA!!!! um....amen