I highly recommend

...the work of Alison Gopnik and all her colleagues. I'm reading The Philosophical Baby: What Children's Minds Tell Us About Truth, Love, and the Meaning of Life. This is the library's copy, but I'm going to buy one for myself. I already own The Scientist in the Crib, which is about the acquisition of language. Today, at her web page, I see that she's also co-authored one called Causal Learning: Psychology, Philosophy and Computation, which I am very interested in. (note: after a bit more paying attention, I have figured out that Causal Learning is a textbook - a huge, heavy, expensive textbook - I need to find a good cheap used copy of that)

Her writing style is engaging, interesting, and delightful, and her research could keep me mesmerized for a very long time. Here, for instance, is a perfectly brilliant representational drawing of the research that has gone into other practical and popular works, such as the Gallup corporation's Strengths Finder model. This is what happens as we get older.

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