Marylhurst's Wordle

Here is a large window into why I love Marylhurst - why my online and on campus classes have been so rewarding and satisfying - why I wish someone would leave me a lot of money so I could pay for full time school until I've taken everything but the business classes. (Not even Marylhurst can make me enjoy accounting, but they can't make things fall up or the world spin backwards either.)

One of my instructors, Melanie Booth, has a blog. You can see video of a PLA student there ... you can follow Melanie's reasoning on yoga-mind for a life metaphor and technique ... you can even find links to student blogs (like mine!). Melanie and her project partner entered mission statement words into Wordle. Here, as a great visual for my current school experience, is the result. (click on it - I can't figure out how to make it bigger)
Wordle: Marylhurst Mission draft

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