Just a few questions

Wondered recently in this household:

What is it going to do to our cultural perceptions and assumptions that most of the critical, analytical and "thoughtful" books written lately about world events have been written by reporters? These people are good at research and synthesis ... but they are not academics, and the background they bring does not include the depth of perspective seen in less immediate days. It will be interesting to watch. (My prediction: within the next twenty years, there will be a reaction, and more young people will start to study older material again. It will occur to someone that our modern questions might have been asked and answered before today's crisis.)

Why do goats sound as if they're being skinned alive when someone walks by without feeding them -- even after they've BEEN fed already, and very recently.

It's hard enough to keep deer out of the garden. If we plant tomatoes far enough away from the house that they won't have the big digger machine threatening them, what will we do about elk? (ELK!)

Where can I find pictures of fit and healthy women in their fifties? Not just head shots, either. What does a really fit and healthy woman's body look like at midlife, if she's not a marathoner or fitness champion?

Why can't the husband find lighter (as in, weighing less in sheer pounds and ounces) books for nighttime reading? The wife resents the two-handed book reading.

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