No, seriously. Just stop.

Morning Edition, January 2, 2008 · Michigan's Lake Superior State University offered a list of overused words and phrases. According to the list, "surge" has been used more than enough. "Perfect storm" should be history, along with "Webinar," or online seminar. "Post-9/11," should be banned. Then there's [blank] is the new [blank] – as in, "chocolate is the new sex."

For example: In this post-9/11 world, a perfect storm of Webinars shows that surge is the new light at the end of the tunnel.



Douglas Bienert said...

This just in from The Mercury...

Also NOT invited to the new year:


FYI, it's not cute to capitalize every other letter of your restaurant, brand name, clothing line, or shop- its annoying! Still "exhibiting you individuality" by substituting all the vowels on your website with numbers? Then you sir are an [idiot]. No one likes you or your quirky approach to grammar. I have four "words" for you: 3at [edited for family friendly blogging] & d13

And my favourite:


It's a WHAT? Soy cigarette? Oh- MY APOLOGIES!

Yes... seriously. Just STOP.

Polly said...

And will someone please post SIGNAGE about VERBAGE? . . . .
I"M JUST SAYIN . . . I don't LOVE LOVE LOVE that sort of usage. No LURVE whatsoever. It's not SEEKER FRIENDLY. FIND YOUR BLISS elsewhere.

And one more thing, let's get the usage of oral and verbal correct. Verbal does not mean out loud. Verbal simply means "with words." You have an oral agreement and shake hands.