Just a couple of questions

Why are wide-eyed people nearly entirely blind? Did the light get in their eyes? Was it the stars? Maybe we should all squint - or use eye protection.

If I make myself clear, will you be able to see right through me?

Are there any advantages to a round tin with a lid? What, exactly, does one do with it?

and ...

this isn't really a question - just an observation - two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do. So if you're not going the right way, you should just keep turning left.

Today we threw away some 8-track tapes, some old shoes, and a rusty window washing extension pole. And this left me with the question, why would anyone manufacture a window washing pole out of something that rusts?

We also put the surf fishing poles into the woodshed, along with the croquet set and the other balls, racquets, and mitts and things, some gardening and pet care supplies, and a car care kit, and then we (and by "we" I mean they - the men people) took a big load to the dump and recycling. Now, because we finally have a new mattress and less garbage, you can come over to my house without needing instructions on how to get in or what to step over. And if you want to go surf fishing, the poles are in the woodshed.

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Gina said...

What a purge! I share your consternation over making something that is assured to come into contact with water out of a material that rusts. I'm glad to see you are plugging away!