It's still coming down - lightly now. I can hardly believe my eyes. I've never seen it like this here. (That's what it looks like going down the driveway from our house.)

The crazy husband is intending to dig out to the road, and then believes he can make it to work eventually. We'll see.

It sure is beautiful.


Polly said...

There is nothing like a good snow-in. Enjoy the snuggle!

carol whipps said...

I am SOOO jealous!! I want to see something like that in Portland ...really, really badly! We keep getting teased by the forecasters, saying we'll see snow on this day and that day, and when it finally comes, it's gone before daylight (at least at my place). I have been thinking about you, Steph, each time I hear the school closures, wondering if you're enjoying the beauty of all of that wonderful snow. I'll probably have to take a trip if I want to see it anytime soon. Enjoy!