It might be time

... to pay a little more attention to things that happen here - in my house. I'm starting to suspect it, anyway. It just might be time.

See, today, my husband (the one driving the one car) took the time to hunt down some lovely saffron for me. It wasn't cheap - because saffron isn't. I told him I wanted it for making a St. Lucia Crown tomorrow on St. Lucia Day. So - good man that he is - he bought me some.

And then tonight he asked me when I was making it. Tomorrow, I said. For St. Lucia. And then I realized what he was really saying - it was something resembling, "It's for us, right?" Oh. I get it now. He wants to eat it himself - and not have me take it to church for other people to eat. Mm-hm. I see. Well, he's in luck. I'm making it for us. And who knows? I might even do something weird and wonderful with the beef and spiced wine - and keep that just for us too!

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