Baseball's Shame

So ... the report is out. Baseball as an industry (which is more what it is than a sport) stands like a guilty child with crumbs on his face, no longer able to deny filching from the cookie jar. I suppose the "records" are a bit of a problem ... but ... "the integrity of the game is now damaged"? What integrity? Did anyone really think that with that much money and that much glory in being spoiled rotten all mixed into playing a part called "hero" would be clean? Really?

If tears roll down your face today because of this - if you were disillusioned in some way - then it's probably time that this part of your life came into the real world, and the sports guys seemed more like humans to you. And if your child has been disillusioned about his heroes, shame on you.

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Douglas Bienert said...

Can we now return to having heroes that flex their minds and hearts?

ENOUGH of the meat-head syndrome already.