Advent One

Snow twice already, and it's only the first of December today. This is very early in the season for such weather, but it does put me in the mood of Advent.

Thursday of this week is Saint Nicholas Day. I have an antidote for you if you wish to eschew such inane and idiotic shopping sales pitches as, "Sure, peace on earth sounds like a good idea, but at my house it won't happen without two of everything." The woman in the commercial has twins - so of course, she has to buy two of everything right? What could be more obvious? For pity's sake, don't expect lessons like one for each and then sharing ... and it's certainly beyond the pale to consider the fact that peace on earth doesn't have much to do with brothers fighting over the plastic airplane or superhero cape. Just buy two. (Is anyone else as repulsed by that as I am?)

Anyway, this week, go to The Saint Nicholas Center, and find generous heaps and piles of recipes, stories, ideas, customs, projects, music, artwork, and traditions. Bake German Pancakes for breakfast and Speculaas Koekjes (Dutch Spice Cookies). Toast the season with a glass of Bishop's Wine, and take a break from the madness with the good Saint Nick.

Tomorrow is the annual Service of Lessons and Carols at our parish. Always beautiful, of course. Only ... I do wish I didn't overflow into tears at absolutely everything that "touches a nerve" in me. Apparently, I've become nothing but nerve - and not in a good way.


Anna said...

I have a couple of resolutions for next year: buy services, not things (for the most part), and learn to make what you normally buy. It's amazing how much better we take care of our things if we make them.

Polly said...

Is that your place Steph? It's gorgeous. So wintery and Nordic looking.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, those are two of the views outside my back door. It's mostly turned back to mud and grass and dripping leaves today (Monday) - as I said, it's early season for us for such a thing as snow. Pretty (and quite Nordic) while it lasted, though. Must've looked like "home" to great-grandpa.