Three weeks!

It's been three weeks since a post on this blog. It feels like starting all over again to come back to it too. In the past three weeks I've been to another galaxy and back - that's what it feels like.

I worked at the library for nearly a full time week ... and I love love love working at the library again. Not too tired. Not bored. Not overwhelmed or confused or wishing it were something other than it is. It fits me like custom made clothes.

Then came a week of getting ready, and then came a week of Synod at the parish. The army of volunteers was a force of nature, and all the meetings and prayer offices and Mass times and music and food and transportation and logistics ... it all came together, and it was an exhausting and glorious week. And it seems that at long last I really have learned the trick of refusal. If it's not your bundle, don't pick it up. You'll hurt yourself, and the person who should be lifting it will either learn to ignore it, or will be left to wait you out or shoulder you aside. And if it is your bundle, you'll be like Mrs. Bale -- you'll have the strength of ten thousand because your heart is pure.

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