This year, I brine

Over at A Pioneer Woman Cooks, there are directions for brining, roasting, and making gravy from the Thanksgiving Turkey. I think it's a sign.

Yesterday, while waiting in the vehicle for the driver of the vehicle to come back and drive it some more, I was leafing through the Williams-Sonoma catalog (an activity which does less than nothing for my contentment level nor my personal fight with avarice, greed, envy, sloth, OR jealousy!), I saw the same spices it turns out now that the Pioneer Woman uses.

Hmm, Self, I said to me ... this might be the year. Never tried brining before. Always wanted to ... hm.... maybe I just will. Those Williams-Sonoma catalog people put the recipe in, you see... maybe I just will.

I've gotten pretty good at doing Thanksgiving here - all by myself - it's a little challenge I issue to me each year. I send them all off to church (only now, "all" is one husband and our bearded son), and then I cook and clean and decorate and light candles and get the table set with the snacks, and I can nearly do the whole thing without so much as getting short of breath these days. I need something to add some spice to my day, I think. Brining the turkey ... yes ... maybe I just will.

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