I'm just sayin'

Okay, here's the deal. Two things

First, if you can buy it at Costco, it's not Jesus. Jesus is found in the patience of a mother with her sick child in the middle of the night, and Jesus is found in glory at his Father's right hand, and Jesus is found in holy Sacrament and kindness to old people. Jesus is not found for sale in discount aisles or warehouse clubs. That's the first thing.

So, I'm sorry Mr. Osteen, that's not evangelism. It's just sales.

And second, are we actually a nation of thirteen year olds? Why, may I ask, do we seem to have no concept at all of the qualities of affection or loyalty unless it has something to do with sex? Albus Dumbledore gay? Seriously? Well, okay. Not seriously. People are having a ripping good time with the whole concept, and it's silly enough to warrant it, but the fact that we simply cannot conceive of affection that isn't sexual in some way is starting to ruffle my feathers.

I'm just sayin.


Polly said...

Hi - and happy Reformation day.

Oh boy. Did you mean to get me started on the whole Christian bookstore phenomena?

It's all about the Theology of Glory -- do this and do that and eliminate sin from your life and nothing bad will happen to you. You'll have one of those perfect homeschooling families on the front of "The Teaching Home" - with matching homemade outfits for all 14 upright children.

It ignore the whole original sin doctine. Bad things do happen to good people on this side of heaven.

Living in the shadow of the cross,


Gina said...

What if I buy it at Costco on sale? Do I get frugal points as well? *wink*

Stephanie said...

Oh, I think so, Gina. Points for WHAT, though ... well, I'm not sayin.