Point of view

Okay, I'll confess. I know it's mostly really silly, but I like the CBS drama "NUMB3ERS." Can't help it. I really enjoy it ... unless my son comes in while I'm watching it off the TiVo recorder on Saturday. In that case, I have to endure the comments about the director and the acting and the writing and the tech knowledge and the tech hardware and everything else about the show. (sheesh! It's gotten so a girl can't enjoy a little waste of time TV any more.)

Today, though, even I was being a bit distracted by the overeager work of the anything-but-steady cam. Seriously. The people who thought this was a good idea -- the quick cuts -- the constant movement at sea -- well, I just hope the inventors end up on roads full of potholes all the time, wherever they drive - and that they're trying to take pictures while they're bouncing along.

So today I complained about it. To my son. Who said (in a sarcastically over-earnest voice), "But it puts you right in the action. C'mon. Don't you feel like you're right there? ... Only you have four heads ... and they're all pointed in different directions."


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