Okay ... I can do that ...

Do you ever make these?

This isn't the recipe I use - mine calls for cocoa, and the quality of the cocoa makes a huge difference. So does the quality of the vanilla, added right at the end of the cookery part.

Well, anyway, on August the twenty-second, our youngest child will be twenty-two years old. Today, when I saw him, he said that what he wants for his birthday is a huge plate of these. A mound. An enormous amount. And he wants them all for himself and intends to share absolutely none of them.

So I'll be making them for him. But what I'm wondering in the meantime is this. The memory of amazing deliciousness, associated with home and mom and all of that ... that's gotta be a good thing. But that "all for me" thing? Yeah. What's up with that?

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