Notes on the fifth of July

A first last night. Darkness descended, no one clamoring to light sparkling or explosive things. Only two pyromaniacs in residence, and they two eventually expended the latter half of last year's purchases. When, from where I was already in bed, I heard the last one pop, fizz, sparkle, light up the darkness, I fell immediately and utterly to sleep.

We slept in.

While watching the latest recording of musicians on Austin City Limits today in the odd calm of a Monday off, and discussing the repairable-ness of the dilapidated cello in our possession, I realized that we have more musical instruments here at this residence than we do passenger vehicles. This statistic makes me happy. (I believe we have nearly the same number of heavy machine/working vehicles as we do musical instruments. I am more ambivalent about this statistic.)

There is talk about our second-born following his college graduation with a stint in the Peace Corps. I think this would suit us. One kid to the army, one kid to the Peace Corps, and one to the world of professional musicians. Yeah ... that sounds about right.

In two days, I turn fifty. I feel very much as if I have found myself boarding a cruise ship I didn't know I had tickets for. Readying my stateroom for a voyage on a ship I don't know the itinerary for. Checking luggage I didn't pack, and yet these are all my own things in the trunks. This is the side of the ship I like to be on. And I love the ocean. Okay then. Let's go.

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