Allofasudden and outoftheblue

Some stuff just makes me happy. I'm not looking for it, either. It just shows up. Outa nowhere. All of a sudden. Like just now, when I talked to my daughter, a soldier returned from Afghanistan, an athlete by nature and one of the fiercest people I know in the defense of the helpless. It's always good to talk to her, of course. But today I found out that,

  • she saw a deer yawn - yes, really. A deer. Yawn. She figures that the two deer who came into her yard and actually took a nap (on her raised beds where she's starting a garden - as if they thought that's what such "beds" would be for) were a little boyfriend and girlfriend. They were young. And he had small, furry horns starting. He was the one that yawned.
  • and her freezer jam turned out really well. She made it with a wild variety of strawberries, purchased from a local merchant at a fruit stand, and it turned out perfectly. She's branched out now to raspberries and blueberries. My soldier's making freezer jam.

These things make me happy.

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