Happy jammies

When our now bearded, now giant, now adult son was a very tiny boy, he used to have this problem getting to sleep at night sometimes. His problem was very specific. He either said, popping out of bed yet again, "Cubbah nah wigh," or he said, "Dammies nah wigh." That is, it was either his covers or his jammies that were not right. Nothing to do but straighten everything out again. And again. So that's what we did.

This morning, I thought of his calm and informative persistence - especially about his jammies. I wore new jammies last night, and I slept all night long. All in one go! Yay!

Okay, okay, before last night I have had two acupuncture appointments in as many weeks, and yes, those two sessions were intense and pretty amazingly helpful. And okay, I've been working a bit more than usual and that always helps because it's the right kind of exercise for keeping my shoulder loosened up. Yes, yes, the weather has cooled off and the air coming through the window all night is fresh and scented with early autumn. And I've got a good right-before-sleep book going.

But still.

Last night my jammies were right, and I slept very well. I think it was the jammies that did it.

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Jessica said...

I love jammies. One of my favorite moments of the day is when you peel off the outfit you wore all day. The layers of stains, car exhaust, dirt from the garden, I've even had a boy's footprint. Yes, to take off the "working" clothes, and to let the jammies envelope you in coziness. It even beats hot cocoa after a snowy day of play. Yah, jammies are good.