New desk, new access, new life

Nice, eh? It's my new upstairs desk area. It's only roughed in right now, but I'm usin' it. And I love it. I need a window shade of some sort very soon, though. The unfiltered sunlight is just outrageous up here!

The day we brought this stuff up here last week was also the day the web access setup completely fooped out on me (not because we moved equipment - it happened before we moved anything), and now I have high speed access up here, a few days after talking to my patient but dogged husband about how much time, effort, and money it was going to cost to reconstruct the wireless network he and the young giant so carefully built a couple of years ago. Add in the fact that I'm taking a class online, and I've already paid for it, and really do need to continue it until it's done ... (leaving out the part where I would be happy to go over to his office to do my class work because I would be quite unhappy to do that) ... and hey, presto, here's my own access in my own office in my own house, where I am once again listening to Morning Edition with my morning coffee. I can't see the horses right now ... I wonder where they are. Three horses live in that field right now. They're not ours, but they're horses, and they're fun to watch.

And I do love a corner desk. The wall behind the computer is going to be a huge bulletin board - a choice that makes sense, considering the fact that I've already started sticking things up there with tape. Evidently I need this sort of thing. I've decided that this room will be all about what I need. Permission came from a wondrous book I've purchased after I borrowed it from the library and fell in love.

It's called How I Write, by Dan Crowe. Inside, there are pages that look like this (click on the pictures to see more of them at Amazon.)

There are wonderful "in his own words" style descriptions of the writing process by various authors, and there are equally wondrous photos of the offices and writing areas of these authors, with an emphasis on the central theme of the book: What do you "have to have" in order to be able to write? Reading this book makes me very happy. Authors are weird, man. Really weird. Funky and wonderful and slightly superstitious and nearly impossible to live with, I betcha. I love these people.

And yesterday I had an strategy session with my shockingly empathetic academic advisor - so I know what I'm taking next quarter and probably a lot more than I need to know right now about what I'll take for the rest of this degree. Then I went over to the parish and set up the first bit of stuff for the coming St. Nicholas Day party (I put out recipes for people who want to bake for the party at the beginning of December) and then I went to the Chinese Medicine doctor. I feel sooooo much better today. I am watching the sun creep across the nearly frosty grass, peeking through the trees and shining through the leaves that haven't fallen yet, and I am utterly content.

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Mossback Meadow said...

Cool. Like being in a treehouse.