Today is the First Day

of the Rest of My Life. And it's setting up to be prit-tee fine.

Offending off-warranty parts now removed. Healing begun. School being imagined again. And a newly solid clarity under my feet. I will be monitoring toxic intake and release for the rest of my life. This little adventure was a warning shot over the bow of my little boat, and I'm smart enough to heed it.

May the universe smile in a thousand ways on the night nurse who stayed later than she was supposed to in order to make sure I got a shower and a toothbrush, and may good things also fall on the massage nurse she brought with her to take the kink out of my shoulder on my final day in the hospital. I have tasted the deepest kindnesses this week, and I am grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the good news!
All best to you.