This too shall pass

"Everything is impermanent. Everything that is born will die. The feeling we have today of joy will change to sorrow and will change again to joy. We are not stagnant beings. Yet, we suffer profoundly because of our belief that we can somehow freeze and hold moments we enjoy forever and not participate fully in moments that cause us discomfort. This is not a cycle we can win. The sooner we can accept transience as a given, the sooner we can access our deepest voices.

"We are human beings, so we will not be blissfully happy all day, every day. Our writing process will not produce gems every time we sit down to the keyboard. Our relationships and our jobs will not always be what we want them to be. Don't try to move away from these truths. Move into them. They are also impermanent. You might as well explore every experience you're having as fully as you can. The next moment will be different."
Laraine Herring

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