Know what week this is? (Just in case you didn't know)

Just thought I'd mention it. It's all week too -- so -- read a good book lately? A good children's book? Care to share?

I've discovered a few gems whilst shelving at the library. And I've noticed something. There are a few (here to be unnamed) employees who canNOT be trusted to shelve in the E books. They are very likely to be found over in front of the shelves - ages and ages after they went over there - sitting or lying about on the floor - READING the things they're supposed to be shelving - or the one they had to move in order to shelve the one from the cart. They're not the least bit ashamed of themselves either. The employees, I mean. Carts and books are never ashamed of themselves.

Some I simply must add to my own collection are:

ALL the Fancy Nancy books!

The rest of the Harry Potter books

Everything by Jan Brett (I really don't know why the only one I've got is The Mitten)

But mostly ... well, it's just all about Fancy Nancy. I asked for the complete set for my birthday this year. Yes, I know how old I'm going to be, thank you very much.

What are your favorites?

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