Houston, we have lift off

Okay, not liftoff yet -- but countdown. Houston, we have countdown.

Step One: get my job back at the library.


Step Two: register at Marylhurst.


Step Three: sign up to attend something - anything - just get the money to the school and the name on the list, for cryin out loud.


At the end of next month, weekly seminars for the PLA program begin. I will be in the group. Me. I will be there. At school again!

There are people, I understand, for whom that word is not magical or promising or exciting or fascinating. Some people, I understand, would rather never never never be "in school" again for the rest of their lives, and didn't like it much the first time either.

Apparently one man's wardrobe is another man's door to another world, and it is a door through which I'm finally going to pass. Sure, sure, I know, "of course...as every sensible person does, that you should never never shut yourself up in a wardrobe." But I also know that's the only way to the land of nymphs and dryads and the Deep Magic, and it looks like the door is open again for me.

That picture is of Lucy Pevensie, about to enter Narnia.

I know just how she feels.

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