When a living language spawns

I have just sent an "instant message" to my husband, asking the following question:

"Why won't my USB hub let go of my thumb drive?"

So ... am I the only one whose eyes cross every once in awhile at the words and phrases that have meaning these days?

And here's another question. It's been awhile, I think, but I do still hear, "Don't touch that dial!" from the television. Who has a "dial" any more? I don't think my kids would even recognize a dial. And we can't call the remote (which is a remote control device) the "clicker." Seriously. That's too stupid.

And what are we going to call it when we back up in a movie? It's not "rewind" anymore because there's nothing winding in the first place. "Fast forward" still makes sense, but what is the backward direction supposed to be called? Back it up? Go back? Reverse?

And the weirdest of spawns - spores - language oddities - whatever this is: The other day I asked my sons to "friend me." Okay, so I made a joke of it because both they and I know better than to use the word friend as a verb. It's worse than "party" - as in, "let's party." But still. I've been friended by my sons.

Anyone have a time machine? I need a vacation.

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