Bitter vs. Open

I've got a spoof on "You Might Be a Redneck" percolating away in the back of my mind. If I ever do it, my "You Might Be a Fundamentalist" will include THIS BRILLIANTLY DONE concept. From Indexed via Prattlenog (again) ...

and subtitled by me ...

(If you're bitter, you might be a fundamentalist.)

Not all fundamentalists are bitter (but there are very few of those), and not all bitter people are fundamentalists (at least, they're not religious fundamentalists ... but I bet a conversation would show what they're fundamentalist about). But this is a tell. For sure and certain, just like a stutter or a twitch or a gesture is a tell for some people's anxiety or lies or insecurity or glee, this is a tell. If you're bitter, you might be a fundamentalist.

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