Oh. And one more thing.

Okay, so I know I'll be fifty this year. You know it. But AARP does not read my blog. So ... how does AARP know it?

And who the hell can afford to "retire" at fifty anyway?

And what kind of nerve is that? Sending me notices about my impending half-century, three months before its coming??? Hmmm??? How rude!

(This is what comes of finally going through the mail on the dining room table, now that I have a Saturday to do it. NB: habit seems to be forming. The Great Husband and I are doing more things together these days. Walks after dinner. Saturday clean-up. Reading in the evenings, watching Neko Case and Jesse Winchester on Elvis Costello's Spectacle for the hundredth time (crying every time). ... Interesting second half of life we're building here ...)

And AARP can just wait a minute. Geeeeez!


Eva said...

Oh my lord what a picture!

Karen said...

Thanks for the warning! I'll expect my "notice" later this year, too. Like we need to be reminded.