Don't mind me

So ... one last box to Afghanistan. The soldier bought herself a toothbrush sanitizer and wanted it before the trip home. In June. She's coming home in June.

And I started to exchange pleasantries with the post office lady. Like usual. Everything like usual. I told her that there was a toothbrush sanitizer in there. Did I want return to sender if they can't find her? Yes. I think there's time between now and June to deliver it, but yes.

Even though,
I don't care if a toothbrush sanitizer comes home.

I just want my soldier back.

Eyes and throat do not care where I am. It's too easy to cry.

(I barely made it to the car, and I haven't stopped since. I do. I just want my soldier back.)

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Jessica said...

I can't even imagine the empty space in your heart, waiting, patienty, I might add for your soldier to return. I am so blessed to still have my littles under my wing. I know she is smart, safe, and excited to come home, though. I do pray for her, but maybe I need to pray for you and David. It's funny, we always focus on the soldiers (of course), but I think sometimes we forget how hard it is for those left at home.