Class is in session now ... everyone listen up

Do you read this blog in a reader or web crawler or something like that? You might have gotten a notice from the first thing I posted today and then immediately deleted. It was too complicated to make clear, so I gave up.

See ... I started a course today. For this course, the following is an excerpt from the "Weekly Planner" page.
By signing up for one section of this ILM (or more), you are actually auditing all three. Every week, you are responsible for completing the work assigned in the "Joint Assignment" section plus the section(s) you registered for. To succeed in the section(s) you signed up for and to gain the most knowledge, ideally, you would participate in all three sections of the ILM.

ILM is "integrated learning module," and what that means is that the one course is actually three, three, three courses in one.

I've only signed up for three credits from this class - the science module. But to do this, I'll be auditing the three-credit faith and reason module, and the three-credit argumentation module. So ... I'd better get busy, right? Right.

Don't have the right book yet. Won't have it until later this week.

Um .... Google Books "limited preview" it is.

Read, read, read ... answer one of the questions for the week ... so far so good ... and then there's this sentence.
By dogmatically asserting the existence of a vital force, the vitalists often impeded the pursuit of a constitutive reductionism that would elucidate the basic functions of organisms.
Well, duuhhh ... Who doesn't know that?

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