I hate that skin stuff, but the stains came out

You know about the fried egg skin, right? That crinkled, crackly edge of the egg when the pan was too hot? I really really hate that. Now, this guy says that even at 103 degrees, it's not possible to fry an egg on the sidewalk, and he put this picture up on his Flicker photostream as proof. I think it's just a little underdone - and it looks to me like it's got that skin stuff forming. Blech. (Did you see the spatula behind the shell and think, "spatula?" I thought it was wings or something.)

That is exactly what hot weather does to me. It's been end-of-August weather in the middle of July, and I am not happy about it. It melts my brain, begins to cook my thoughts, and that skin stuff starts to form. So, right now, with a morning coolness wafting in, on the day before several days in a row of far too much heat (the weather guy knows his audience - he was very apologetic on the news this morning), here is a random facts post just in case anyone wants to know if I'm dead or alive.

Random fact #1: If you want to see a book, and the library doesn't have it, use the Interlibrary Loan function. Fort Vancouver Regional Library has purchased many of my requests, and the others have come from other libraries, and I'm currently waiting for:

Ardent Spirits
Leaving Home, Coming Back
By Reynolds Price

Native Ferns, Moss, and Grasses: From Emerald Carpet to Amber Wave, serene and sensuous plants for the garden,
by William Cullina

I went ahead and bought The Produce Bible: Essential Ingredient Information and More Than 200 Recipes for Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs & Nuts, by Leanne Kitchen (what else could she have possibly done with her life with a name like that?)

There are others, too. I love Interlibrary Loan and its linked companion site, WorldCat.

Random fact #2: I have changed my major. Again. Interdisciplinary Studies now, with concentrations in Human Studies and Writing. In the course of this, I have talked to three advisors at Marylhurst, and I love, love, love Marylhurst. I makes me blush to realize how little I "know" what I am doing, but maybe that is a good thing about age. I can see far enough to be able to travel a bit ... look around ... choose again ... travel some more ... look around ... and that is how it can work now. I do not have to follow a path already laid down or paved. And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Random fact #3: Today it's the dentist. Again. Because the edges of two (two!) teeth have fallen off this past month, so I need caps on those teeth. I am trying to be glad that this bit of maintenance waited for the summer to be necessary - instead of irritated at using up my summer driving up and down the freeway to the dentist.

Random fact #4: Being the card lady is working out well. The trick is going to be in keeping accurate records so that I can get paid properly.

Random fact #5: It is inadvisable to keep a full mug of coffee between the computer's mouse and the computer's keyboard. This is especially true if one is lounging a bit, with one's feet up on the desk. Keyboards, it turns out, do not function well when they are suddenly full of coffee. Neither does clothing. Or paper desk calendars.

Random fact #6: This stuff works.

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