The Great Husband does it again

Yeay, husband!!! He has rescued this keyboard from the brink of death. He took it apart and cleaned out all the soy-creamered coffee that was resting stickily inside of it ever since I up-ended my morning coffee into lap, keyboard, and desk calendar earlier this week. And it's working grrrreat!

(And if you click on the "male superhero." you can find a coloring page for getting one of your own. I doubt yours will fix keyboards at a single bound, but who knows?)

In other news, I had to work today, and there were too many things to do here for us to attend a family gathering at the beach. The beach would be a lot cooler than it is here. But on the bright side - the very bright side indeed - I saw a view of the side of Mt. Hood today that took my breath away. I'm taking my camera with me next time I drive to Parkdale to be the card lady at the store up there.

News from our Afghanistan soldier: This is the magazine worth reading if you really want to know how things are going over there. (She's borrowing Major Curtis's copies - she said she knows he doesn't have time to read them right now, so she volunteered to do that.) She says the enormous scarf she sent me for my birthday is a pashmina, so now I'll know how to clean it. It's such a gorgeous piece of fabric - woven in shimmery golds and burgundy in an intricate pattern. It will be wonderful when the weather cools down in the fall. She also says this is the book keeping her sane right now.

And I've gotten a few more chips off the huge block in the road that seems to morph into The Great Unscalable Mountain every time I think I might write something and send it to a real live editor. But what about? But what about? You can't. Not yet. Wait. Wait. Wait. Over and over, like a kind of nasty, mean-spirited crossing guard who never does want anyone to cross at her corner. At work at the library this week -- Reality Dude pointed out that the demented crossing guard doesn't have any real authority over me and I can cross whenever I want to.

I did cross at the Sartorial Crossing this week. For once, when I tried on something that fit perfectly, I didn't second guess myself and I actually bought the thing. Maybe that's a good sign. Dress today, essay tomorrow - or something like that.

(Man, it's nice to be able to type again! Did you know the computer has an on-screen keyboard you can use with your mouse? I'll try that again someday if I want to imagine being seriously injured and unable to use all my fingers.)

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