Portion size, serving size, and the size of most Americans

Ever wonder why pictures and film of Americans today are so very (vastly!) different from 20 years ago? Are you old enough to remember "the fat kid" in your class - and not "the skinny kids" who were so few?

Go here.

Then here:

Look at this:

Two Slices of Pizza

Twenty years ago 500 calories

Today 850 calories

Those extra 350 calories, if eaten a two times a month, would put on two extra pounds a year, or forty pounds in the next two decades.

Cup of Coffee

Twenty years ago
8 ounces Coffee with milk and sugar 45 calories


16 ounces Grande café mocha with whip, 2% milk 330 calories

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Viola said...

I absolutely agree! I think that portion sizes are still smaller in Australia but it doesn't seem to do us any good. I was quite shocked when I saw how large the pizza slices are in America on TV!

My advice is to rarely eat pizza.