The last Friday before

So ... if I haven't stopped doing this by the age of nearly 48, it's possible that I've done it for so long that now I can't help it. When there's a big day coming up, I say things inside my head like, "This is the last Friday before I start school." Because - well - because this is the last Friday before I start school.

This is!


Next Friday, I'll have an assignment to work on.

Because I will have been to school.

Next week.

On Wednesday.

It's not just a dream. It's not just an idea. It's a decided deal with a paid tuition, and now an email from my TEACHER. She emailed the class yesterday with a couple of instructions. We have to take our pre-assignments with us, you see. Pre-assignments. For class. Starting next Wednesday.

It's hard to sing a Hallelujah Chorus while sighing contentedly AND doing a little happy dance. But I'm working on it.

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