99 Words for 99 Days: July 7

  1. On the Morning of my Birthday
There's no good reason to be fully awake so early today. I need to go to work, but not for a couple of hours. If I'd slept in, though, I wouldn't have seen the sweet and exuberant baby deer with their mother. Two little ones, one momma, and much cavorting at the edge of the mown field, over where the blackberry vines engulf the old fence beside the forest. The trio is not making much progress up the field. It looks like the walk around the block a two-legged mom might take with kids. Sidetracked. Random. Leaping, running, morning.


Francesca said...

Happy belated birthday, Stephanie.

Francesca, still in Running Springs, California

Stephanie said...

Francesca!! I've been thinking about you recently! Send me an email the ordinary way if you get a minute (stephanie dot lillegard at gmail dot com). I'd love to catch up with you.