All Good

In the midst of the last week before Christmas, a list of new things I can welcome with joy:

  • Continued production of candelabra candles from IKEA, candles I use in this flat black metal candelabra from Michaelmas until Easter
  • Adult children who bring presents and food and things like that to the party, making it possible to spread out the responsibilities of party-making -- and many hands make light work
  • Readiness for the first year of the grownup tradition of real egg nog to be served to arriving adults
  • Tiny little class holders that perfectly fit the tiny little "Glimma" tea lights from IKEA, and can be scattered throughout ... well, throughout everything everywhere
  • An old headboard, discovered in one of the garages (or maybe the barn), once owned by and probably made by the same great-grandpa who built this house, ready to be cleaned up and brought into our freshly painted bedroom in time for Christmas
All in all, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here, and even though it looks a little different from any of the others, I think I kinda like it. Hmmmm... yes .... I like it.

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