Outside my open window, not a breath of wind stirring anything, and the mist turned to finest rain makes a sound that makes me stop. Listen. Hold my own breath. Faintly and quietly, the first misting rain of the season is falling on trees and grass and blackberry brambles, making a completely peaceful sssshhhhhh sound.

The poor dog doesn't like it much. She's happier in the sun and activity of remodeling and hammers and men walking and driving around. Even the random noise of the air compressor's better than this, in her opinion. She's crying and yelping - I thought something was really wrong until I went to check just now. The dopey animal is standing near the house, crying out at the rain!

I bet she can hear it too. Dogs have good hearing, right? This is the sound of the summer color and heat being gently, quietly, truly soaked away until next year. A few good days of heat and blazing color in the next few weeks, and then this part of the round wide earth will rest again until spring.

Hello, September.

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