Libraries are good. They just are.

A friend sent me this column from the Indianapolis Monthly. Click on the picture to go read it. It's just so good! Yes, Libraries! Thank you, Mr. Carnegie. Beautifully said, Mr. Gully. Thanks, friend.

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Eva said...

What a totally delightful article! Cradle of democracy, indeed. Of course, since it is a government provided service these days, we must question whether it is truly democratic (sarcasm intended). The only thing I disagree with Mr. Gully on is his view that the advent of library videos and DVDs is a bad thing. Though film can certainly can detract from a book, it is its own genre, too, and a wonderful one at that. I like that one shouldn't have to pay Blockbuster's fee to see a great classic and receive some valuable cultural education.

I can't imagine why I thought you were from Canada . . . . I remember your post/poll about library late fees a while back and I remember thinking that only a Canadian could disparage late fees (or a citizen with a more socialist mentality than the typical American), but I'm pretty sure it was something else as well. But of course, I knew you had a daughter in the army, and so really, I don't know what I was thinking!