Hushing my inner Squirming Toddler

You've seen them, right? The little kids with the round, active little bodies ... big enough to run and climb (and search and destroy) ... big enough to give hugs and blow kisses and stomp while saying a most adamant "no" to someone? And you've seen them struggling to get free from the lap of a parent while the parent is struggling mightily to thread the child into a sweater or keep the child from harm in some way?

Well, I've decided that we never grow out of it.

Every new phase of life - every fresh challenge and renewed call to vocation and incoming set of disciplines that will make greater or deeper things come into our hands - it causes the same reaction it did when we were three years old. We stomp our feet and refuse to admit to necessity. We pretend to be deaf. We pretend to be stupid. And when the new call finally grabs hold of us, and takes us onto its lap and begins to thread us into our new lives, we squirm like crazy to get free.

Lately, my inner squirming toddler has heard a calming "hush" and felt a firm and loving hand. There is a call - I can hear it. I am being asked to face it - stop trying to get away - calm down - hush. But oh, the distractions grown people can find!

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